I'm alive!

It's been just over 2 months since my last post and maybe you thought I had given up. Well, I haven't! Unfortunately, it's been 2 long and hard months with our beloved dog going to doggie heaven after 12 years, all the admin for a YL Extension to CELTA, an intensive CELTA course which finished in July and my MA dissertation coming to an end - should be done in a week's time!

So, now that I seem to have a little bit more time, I realised it was about time I came back and said hello.  This blog has been from the beginning, more than a blog for others - I have very few followers - a repository of resources for myself and my teaching and training.  So far it's been great as it all started with a 'I have no idea how to set up a blog' and now's it's over 3 years since I go it so a very good experience all together!

Ok, that was just a little note to say I'm back.  I'm adding the picture of my beloved friend who left us about a month ago. My dear Sirio.


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