Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rubystar... and write your rubricss in minutes

Rubystar makes it easy to crate your own rubrics for assessment. There is a tutorial available too and plenty of other resources and rubrics divided into categories.

I believe though that it is probably easier to start from scratch rather than to spend time looking for one that's already there as your criteria may change according to your specific task.

A must read article by Heidi Goodrich Andrade about the topic is here.

Free virtual storage

Ok, if you don't know where to store your files and have them always available on the internet for free this is your site. Remember you should always keep copies somewhere else so that this is not your only repository! After all, it's out there in the ether and things may go wrong.

If you want more features... you'll have to pay :-)

Here's the URL: