Thursday, June 18, 2009

My webpage in netvibes - is this a blog?

Well, after watching Nick Peachey's video yesetrday on pageflakes and blogs, I went on and created my webpage too.

I still fail to clearly understand what the difference between a blog and a webpage is - maybe they're both the same and just hosted by different platforms... I still have to figure this out. Anyways, I'm determined to make of this blog my personal portfolio so this is just one more thing I need to get to grips with. If any of you can help me out here, THANKS!

My favourite website ever!!!

Like you, I have visited so many sites lately that I've lost count. However, the one that has become my favourite without a shadow of a doubt is Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos! He really deserves the prize he got! Check it out!

Screen capture that rocks! JING

Here's a link to Techsmith's website and the video showing how it works!

It's free, it's easy and it allows you to capture screen shots and also video, plus you can annotate!!!

Super cool! And useful for teachers and trainers, huh? Any ideas on how to use it?

Experimenting with Voicethread

Here's a link to my first voicethread to which you were already invited. I'm just adding links to all the work we have been doing on the course, so that I can have it all in one page - my blog! This is cool! Blogging rocks!!! :-)

ICT Course Podcasts

I also created podcasts for the first 3 sessions of the ICT course I mentioned before and made them available on PoDomatic. The idea behind it was that of exposing them to the podcasts after having mentioned them briefly in oe of the sessions and having set some research homework before actually asking them to produce their own for sessions 4 and 5 either using Audacity or Podomatic. ON the first run of the course we didn't have enough tme to do this so I'm looking forward to doing it on the next one in a few weeks'e time.

My ICT Blog in 21classes for my ICT trainees


Here's a link to the blog I created in 21classes (an edublog) to use hands-on with my trainees on the How to Use ICT in your Lessons course at BC Singapore.

There is not much going on now as the courses finished and I use it to give trainees first-hand experience of blogs, but there's enough evidence of what they did on the last course.