Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dropbox is the next best thing!

I've been using Dropbox for a while and after experiencing all the advantages it has first-hand I decided it was time to add a blog post on it.

I've been using it with all of my trainees teachers, colleagues and clients, let alone my own personal stuff, and it's proved to be a success!

You can use it with your students as a hand-in tool for homework and assignments. That way you won't receive lots of emails with attachments which will fill up your inbox. It can also be used to give HW and share any extra resources between you and your students. Oh, and it doesn't have to be just you giving! They can also share files of all types with you! 

Dropbox is also great for pre-course work and preparation. I'm using it to share pre-course work with my trainee teachers and with colleagues. I think that Dropbox is like a wiki-like folder which you can share with others and where all the info you have and share stays there for everybody. Something important to take into account is that you should only copy files INTO or OUT OF it and not drag or cut as the files leave the Dropbox folder if you do it as opposed to copying from one file to the other in your computer where it automatically duplicates the file for you. Although this has it advantages it can also play against you if you're not careful!

All the same, nothing to worry about if one of your students takes a file away! If you are the creator of the folder, you will be able to go to your online Dropbox account and UNDELETE the files needed. 

One really smart thing about Dropbox is that you can increase your storage by  sharing it with other people. If they download it to their PCs then you will get extra free storage! 

Here's a link to it: Now, what are you waiting to go and check it out?