Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Methodology Pills for Induced Reflection No. 16 Skills Assignment

This is the latest of my public videos created with Powtoon. As with Pill No. 15 Focus on the Learner, this Pill is about the Language Skills Assignment CELTA candidates have to complete while on the course. Again, I wanted to try and provide trainees with a quick and concise visual coverage of the assignment as I believe that exposure to the same content in different formats and media can help increase retention and trigger reflection and renewed understanding. Hasn't it happened to you that sometimes you are listening to the same talk or lecture or watching the same film for the umpteenth time and you realise that you hadn't noticed x detail, or hadn't thought about that was said and then you find yourself thinking or reflecting about it all? Well, I do hope this short video has a similar effect!

Methodology Pills for Induced Reflection No. 15 Focus on the Learner

It's been a very hectic period and so it's been almost a month since the last time I blogged. Well, I'm now enjoying my Christmas holiday and so it means more time to do the things you like, in my case, catch up with blogging and creating those materials I'd been thinking of but had not had the time for! 

This brings me to this post on my Methodology Pill No. 15 Focus on the Learner. I really wanted to create a quick video which would help trainees on my CELTA courses think and reflect and check the different parts of the assignment in a short, visual way. I have also created a podcast which addresses the assignment, we have a session at the end of which the assignment is set and also they are reminded of it throughout the course at different stages, but I believe that being exposed to the same material in different formats can help increase retention and also touch different learning preferences. I'm very visual and so I personally find these videos help me, more than anyone else, continue to think and reflect on the contents of the assignment itself. I hope it is useful even if you're not on a CELTA course. I think the main ideas can help you remember to reflect on our own students as we (including mysefl first and foremost!) sometimes forget about them when we get tangled up in a heavy work load and teaching commitments.