Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Searching Google more efficiently using 'Search Operators'

Right, it's been a while since my last post and as usual it's been manic here. I know I haven't got many followers ;-) but I do feel bad for those of you following me whenever I get caught up in all the different things I do, like this time, and then do not post regularly :-(! 

Anyways, one of the topics I was discussing with trainees the other day was that of how to run searches on the internet in a more efficient way other than simply writing a string of words and hitting enter. At the same time, I was to update a task on the course I tutor on and which initially led me to the creation of this blog some years back (the CertICT) and so after getting some ideas from colleagues, suggestions from trainees and trolling the internet, I came across several options which I then decided where too 'textual' and not very engaging for my taste!  I like colour, visuals, sound and the like and manage to retain information longer if I'm exposed to these so I created the Powtoon below with the info I found. Hope you like it! ;-)