Monday, August 8, 2011

The New Sounds Application Rocks!

I've been playing with the new Sounds Application for over a week now and I think it rocks! I've been making notes on the ideas that I've had while playing with it and here are some of them:

CHART - it can be used with trainees and students to introduce them to individual sounds. I have done this already with both groups using my iPad and iPod touch and the feedback was very positive. I've had them work in two groups as I only have these two devices. After a self discovery activity that heightens their awareness of their oral cavity and makes them think of the place and manner of articulation, I gave them 3 to 5 words and asked them to try and locate the sound in the chart. They enjoyed it and had fun.

WORDLIST - This could be used as an answer key to a phonemic treasure hunt. A list of selected words featuring specific sounds can be given to ss to first try and write in phonemic script and then check against the list.

PRACTICE - I really like the options given here. You can read, write or listen to phonemic script. You can choose which phoneme to practise with and how many questions 10, 25 or 50. It's really addictive and fun! I started practising the sounds I had most difficulty with when transcribing and I can say I feel a lot more confident now!

I'd like to try this as soon as we're back at school. I'd like to divide the class into 3 groups - read, listen and write and give them the same words to either write, listen to or read in phonemic script and see what happens in feedback. I'm already asking trainees at selection interview whether they have an iPad or an iPhone or iPod touch. Unfortunately, they're still rather expensive and so not many people have them. I'll keep using my iPad and iPod touch. I just got an iPhone so I'll be able to use the three in the sessions!!! Yay!!!

Ok, more ideas to come, so stay put! I gotta go back to playing with my Sounds App. Have you got one? You don't? What r u waiting for????