Thursday, August 9, 2012

Freemake Video Converter - ABSOLUTELY YES!

I recently bought RealPlayer so that I could convert all my videos easily to MP4 - iPod format. While it was a good idea - not a cheap one - I came across this freeware open source resource which I wish I had known of before! It does even more than RealPlayer and it's free!

I've tried it already and it rocks. I'll continue to use RealPlayer of course - I paid for it! But, I can see I'll become close friends with Freemake Video Converter. It's super easy to use and there is so much you can do with it. Specially, for those of us in education, where the pay and the resources are low, a freeware resource like this one is a must to enhance our creativity and reach out for our students and trainee teachers through all kinds of formats. I personally use my iPod a lot to listen to lectures, study, review via podcasts or videos from the internet while waiting for the bus.  Why not encourage our trainees and students to do the same?

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