Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gaming is the Way forward!

I just started a new course with The Consultants-E on Play to Learn: Digital Games in ELT and I came across this very interesting article on it. It can be found at . Digital Games are indeed the way forward in learning because of the power they have on people. It is a fast growing industry and so if you can't against them (it is still very much debated whether they have positive effects on people or not) then join them (there is a growing body of research also showing the good sides of it). I have just started this course, but I'm already eager to see what I'll learn from this. The articls and reading materials available on the internet are great and provide a very good base for critical thinking - some are not that good anyways!

Ok, time to go now, but I'll be back with more on this I'm sure.


Gaming is good for you
Source: Frugal Dad