Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UN School bus resources for Primary and Secondary

Our ICT co-ordinator shared with us here this resource and so I'm adding it here.

Here is what he has to say about it:

The UN Cyber-school Bus - This is mainly for primary and secondary, but it’s particularly useful for comparing countries (click on ‘country at a glance’) so could be used with lower level general adult classes. You can find out the low-down on any country in the world (UN style) and compare these countries on any particular statistic. Find out what the population density of Brazil is, and compare it with Singapore or get the news from each country via their newspaper websites. There are links to games and some serious UN-type (and GP-type!) topics such as disarmament or famine on the start page.

Super cool - The game crafter

I just saw this on a Twitter post from Vel and I loved it! Gosh how do you manage not to keep on line and do work at the same time!!! Argh....

I had to come back to my blog and post it here to get back to it later tonight when I get home. I love this blog/repository of sources!!!

Thanks Vale :)

Storytelling with Children Show

Hello there,

I'm currently teaching a How to Teach English:Kindergaten course here at BC and while working on resources I found a very nice website which provides lots of video and audio input which comes in very handy. At this stage of the ICT course, wonderful ideas started coming up when I saw the resources available... embedding video and audio into PowerPoints and IWB flipcharts, etc.
Hope you enjoy it!