Thursday, June 18, 2009

Experimenting with Voicethread

Here's a link to my first voicethread to which you were already invited. I'm just adding links to all the work we have been doing on the course, so that I can have it all in one page - my blog! This is cool! Blogging rocks!!! :-)


Valentina Dodge said...

Great to record your course work & training initiatives here and use the blog as a portfolio!
Well done,

Learning Together said...

Thanks Vale! I'm going to be adding lots of stuff from the course as I'd like to have all the things I've been leanring at my finger tips in one single place and out there for others to see, share, and comment on.

Kerstin Brandes said...

Hi Robert,
It's a great idea to have all the different resources and tools in one place. I'm just about to get started on setting up my blog today, so will see how it goes.

Pam said...

Hi Robert

Great idea! Just makes me realize what an impressive number of tools and ideas we've already worked with.
Perfectly well displayed on you blog.