Thursday, June 18, 2009

My webpage in netvibes - is this a blog?

Well, after watching Nick Peachey's video yesetrday on pageflakes and blogs, I went on and created my webpage too.

I still fail to clearly understand what the difference between a blog and a webpage is - maybe they're both the same and just hosted by different platforms... I still have to figure this out. Anyways, I'm determined to make of this blog my personal portfolio so this is just one more thing I need to get to grips with. If any of you can help me out here, THANKS!


Learning Together said...

OK, I've figured it out!!! Netvibes is a Feed reader, so I already have a page to organise with all the feeds I want! Yeepie!

I found a video on RSS in teacher tube - it may be the one we're to watch for Task 9.6, but I'm not sure as the links were not working. I found this one by searching Teacher Tube. here's the link:

Pam said...

Hi Robert

Wow you blog's growing...keep adding!
I've still got some difficulties adding my voicethread link to my blog and uploading some videos which I've created on Mac's iMovie.
Hope I can figure it out soon.
Thanks for that link btw.


Valentina Dodge said...

Thanks for the new links, might update that tasks then.
I'd say blogs and websites are similar sometimes but with blogs the the posts are in reverse chronological order (although some tools allow you to change the timestamps and personalize order)

Netvibes as you've worked out is excellent for aggregating all the stuff. It's all about push & pull hey?