TheConsultants-e's 10th Year Anniversary - a time to celebrate and enjoy their freebies

As you can see from the introductory description in the top block of this blog, I started blogging and implementing ICT into my teaching and training in a more formal and informed manner thanks to TheConsultants-e. It was 2008 when I embarked on a new wonderful, exciting and rewarding experience - their Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology CertICT course fully validated by Trinity College London - not knowing this course would have had such a powerful impact on my personal and professional teaching and learning life!  

Nicky Hockly and Gaving Dudeney are the master minds and reknown gurus who run this online professional training company offering state-of-the-art courses and training in ICT implementation. But the story does not end here, this year they're celebrating their 10th anniversary and have got lots of pressies and freebies in store for you. This month of June they're giving away a scholarship for one of their fully accredited courses (the CertICt or the CertBET) so if you're interested do apply now - you may be the very lucky winner! Follow this link to find out more about all the wonderful freebies available.


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