Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Triptico Word Magnets for your IWB

I had already posted an entry about Triptico on 20 March 2010, but time has gone by and now David has come up with an IWB Toolkit which is very useful. There are 23 resources to use although one of my favourites is Word Magnets. You can also use Find Ten (where you create ten categories amongst other distractors for them to find). Another good feature of this application is that there is always a demo so that you can SEE how it works before you start planning your lessons.

If you have access to an IWB this is a toolkit you really want to have. It will definitely help you add variety not only to your YL classes but also to adult ones.

Here's the link - You will need to download it onto your computer but it takes seconds and it is worth it!

As with all technology used in the classroom remember that PEDAGOGY should lead TECHNOLOGY!

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