Sunday, April 25, 2010

Revisiting the resources gathered here so far!

Hello :-)

I haven't posted anything for over 2 weeks now, but I'm back. The last few weeks have been very hectic and so I've been trying to make use of what I have right now rather than trying to find new tools. A few comments on my recent experiences using some of the tools here:

Xtranormal - I went ahead and created a short intro movie clip for one of my courses on using web tools. The trainees loved the fact that it was relevant and a clear example of what the course is about and not just me telling them about something, but seeing it at work. So, good feedback here which is encouraging.

PicLit - also good feedback. I've used a few pictures in order to create interest and explore ideas by activating prior knowledge at the beginning of a session or before starting an important point. I've used it just as Wordleb and comments from trainee teachers have been good. and word magnets - I've used it more often with both adults and YLs and they love it. It's a shame that you cannot save the examples as it takes a little prep before the sessions and if there's no live internet connection, then it's out the window! All together, it can be used in many ways and not only as a warmer.

Jing - I've been using it a lot not only to manipulate images but to create short videos with extra info or questions or tasks for the trainees teachers. Their feedback has been very positive in that they feel it's not an extra handout they can read at home, but videos especially, are a little more engaging as I through in various questions throughout the screencast clips.

Ok, this is it for now and I'll be back soon with more reports of new resources!

Do feel free to comment on the resources you encounter here under each post as it'd be great to get the ball rolling and see how you use them too.


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