Wordnik - super cool dictionary and more!

Wow, I came across this great resource thanks to a RT by Valentina Dodge and goodness me. I think it is absolutely great. So many things you can do with it in the classroom! I'll come back with more on it once I've given it a go with trainees.

here's the link: http://www.wordnik.com/


Valentina Dodge said…
A real gem this one!
A few things I love about are:
- ability to read multiple definitions
- displays recent tweets where word was used
- has bookmarklet that you can use on your browser to "view" on wordnik (i.e by highlighting any word on the web).

I stumbled across this one by chance a week ago and everyday I've discovered a feature or implementation idea. Definitely one for the Top Ten list!

Nice to hear the news of it is spreading :-9

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