Tweetdeck... yeehah

Twitter is great for microblogging, but Tweetdeck is even better to keep your Tweets uptodate. What to do when you're at work and cannot have Tweetdeck though? Well, wait until you get home and work on the pc there :-) Not fair, you miss out on things!!!


Valentina Dodge said…
Most would say use iPhone ;-) but for those of us who haven't got one, while we wait for Tweetdeck to release their real-time browser idea, I should have suggested Seesmic with its in-browser feature. Haven't tried it. Log in anywhere.
I've become a ONE laptop woman over these summer months, forgot about the jumping around and machine switching!
Valentina Dodge said…
Just remembered that you are also a netvibes user so you can use that to aggregate tweets at work. BTW, great that tweeting at work praised and encouraged ;-)
Thanks Vale! I just came back to the Npier centre and I'm updating my netvibes to aggregate my Teetdeck!!! :-)

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