Is 'FOLLOW' the same as an RSS Feed?

I jus discovered that if one wants to follow this blog, all they have to do is click on FOLLOW a sshown in the picture. I know a very simple step, but I'm new to blogging and this I hadn't noticed. My question now is: Is this following the same as the RSS Feed? My first thoughts are that it is not as more than ever the RSS feed icon is clearly dentifiable and very orange so, I'd say it is not, in which case.... I still need help as to why and how do I add that feed to my blog!!!

I already went to settings and added the Subscribe+ gadget but it fails to appear on the homepage. What is it that I'm not doing? I'm really going crazy here as I've read and re-read all the instructions and watched the videos too many times! Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody!!!!


Valentina Dodge said…
Following is a little different from RSS because you access the blogs you are following from your Blogger Dashboard rather than your RSS reader.

You can follow "publicly" (your profile will show up on the blog you are following) or "privately" (you get updates on your dashboard without other readers knowing) More on this at

The RSS orange button can normally be clicked on for easy subscription directly from the navigation toolbar of your browser. (This is a ONE click operation I assure you) After a good night's sleep I've just realized that it isn't letting us subscribe to your blog because your blog is PRIVATE and Blogger feeds DO NOT work for private blogs (see

So sorry about the headache but hopefully the hurdling will be useful in working how you want your trainees to access, subscribe, or follow your posts.

Super well done on all your super posts!
Lots to learn,
Thanks Vale!! I also slept on it and had started thinking about the privacy settings. Would you recommend I make it public? I would't mind and I could always allow only comments, right?

Valentina Dodge said…
That's really up to you but I'd suggest an alternative solution for the duration of the course.
By adding us as contributors (not just followers or readers/commenters) we will have access to the feeds and be able to subscribe. Then you can remove us in September. That keeps it private and group focused which is a useful example of how things can be set up for your trainers.
When you are a contributor the feeds work even for PRIVATE blogs, this is why I couldn't understand at the weekend. All clear now. The difference is in the permissions:
The Blogger user XXX has invited you to contribute to the blog: OR
The Blogger user YYYY has invited you to read the private blog:

Hope that sheds more light on options and ease of subscription etc.

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